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Smart Waist Belt–lime

Type: Waist Belt

Simply take your smartphone, keys, money or nutritional supplements with you, without being bothered during exercise. Ideal during running, walking and other workouts, because the Smart Waistbelt from Bee Safe does not bounce and fits nicely around your waist. The Smart Waistbelt can also be used for our BEE SAFE soft drink bottles of 150 and 250 ml.

What size do I need? The Smart Belt must close properly, but not tight, because you must be able to take your things with you. If you want to wear the Smart Waistbelt low on your hips, take one size larger.

Do all smartphones fit in it?  The Smart Waistbelt is over 8 cm wide and fits almost all smartphones so far.

Is the Smart Waistbelt waterproof? The Smart Waistbelt is not waterproof, but is made of a quick-drying and breathable fabric. Waterproof fabrics can hinder the proper drainage of sweat, which can cause irritation. When it rains, we recommend that you simply wear the Flipbelt under a layer of clothing – under your jacket for example. We also always advise our customers to put their smartphone in a plastic bag if they are going to do activities in which they will sweat a lot. Some phones are already waterproof and have no problem.

How many boxes are in it?  The Smart Waistbelt is over 8 cm wide and has 4 stretchable openings of 7 cm. In the right front pocket is an elastic cord with key lock, so you can safely take your keys with you.

Can I bring your drinking bottles?  The soft drinking bottles of 150 ml and 250 ml fit easily into the pockets of this belt. Because they are flexible drinking bottles, they fit nicely around your waist and are experienced as very comfortable. And an advantage is that our soft drinking bottles do not make a sloshing sound like other hard plastic bottles. A perfect mix and match purchase.

  • Suitable for almost all smartphones (up to 8 cm wide);
  • Suitable for the BEE SAFE soft drink bottles;
  • Fits snugly and doesn't bounce;
  • breathable material;
  • 4 stretchable openings of over 7 cm + a key lock cord.

Customer Reviews

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Mara González
Libre para correr !

Excelente calidad en la tela . Cómoda y se ajusta bien . Manos liberadas para correr !